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Find out more about how we're working to make your stay as eco-friendly as possible

Eco-Conscious Stays

Luxury, sustainable, eco-friendly stays in Wensleydale

We are striving to be a super eco-friendly business. During your stay in our yurts, you can expect to find:

  • A yurt site where more than 250 new trees have been planted as part of the landscaping process.
  • Fully solar-powered lighting in all indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Add-on boxes of local, handmade chocolates made by Mocha of Richmond presented in plastic-free packaging.
  • Organic, sustainable fabrics used in the branded clothing worn by our team.
  • A zero waste to landfill site.
  • A team that uses an all-electric Cusher Haulman vehicle to travel around the yurt site rather than a petrol- or diesel-powered model.
  • The option of buying a native broadleaf tree that will be planted on the Swinithwaite estate to make your stay as carbon neutral as possible.


We are always eager to hear any new ideas about how we can improve our eco-friendly credentials. Please e-mail Stephanie at: