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Berry’s Story

The Story of Our Farm Shop

The Idea

I think my husband must have been thinking about this project for quite a few years. As soon as there was a possibility of a grant from the Rural Development Program the time seemed right.

Rural incomes were plummeting and there were several barns on the farm stood idle. The idea of Berry’s was hatched and interestingly there were several barns full of beech and sycamore wooden planks which had been maturing for 12 years.

5 months

We were given 5 months to build the cafe, shop, butchery and kitchen

The Gods smiled on us and we had one of the mildest winters on record.

Award Winning

The kitchen was made from an old wheel house where ox had been used to turn the wheel to grind the corn in the 17th Century.

The shop and butchery were developed from my pig farrowing pens and the cafe evolved from the space in between the two barns. All the wood for the structures were from the Swinithwaite estate, the buildings were soon winning awards for being the first ever total beech structures used to support a building.

The whole structure was as sustainable as possible with the cloakroom and toilets using collected rain water and the underfloor heating and hot water for the business supplied from two wood burning boilers using estate wood.

Official Opening

14th April 2012

Berry’s was officially opened on 14th April 2012 by the then Foreign Secretary The Right Honourable William Hague.

Our Logo

The logo evolved from the history of Swinithwaite or Synnygthwaite as was the spelling in the 15th Century.

This word is thought to derive from the word swine and thwaite from the Saxon word for clearing or stopping place. It is believed Swinithwaite was used by the farmers walking their swine to the original market in Wensley. So the Berry’s logo of the Swine was designed.

Supporting Local Farmers

The idea of Berry’s was not just to promote local produce and food but to also explain to the visiting public the need to support the Dales farmer.

In order for there to be stone walls and stock in the fields the produce must be sold at a realistic price. It is surprising how many children who come on the Berry’s Farm tours have never touched or fed a sheep, lamb, pig, goat, pony, calf, cow or rabbit.

Apart from winning 3 Herriot Flavours awards Berry’s has appeared in several TV shows , including The Dales Program, Dales and Lakes and Escape to the Country, we have had Freddie Flintoff passing through on his Fish and Chip series, plus Shaun Wilson with his cooking challenges.

HRH - Prince Charles

Our most famous visitor has been Prince Charles who stayed for an afternoon while chatting to various charities on site in September 2015.

Supporting Local Charity

Music, Classic car rallies, Team quizzes and much more

Our various events are popular bringing in young and old to Berry’s to support local charities through music, classic car rallies, team quizzes and many children’s holiday activities.

Our aim going forward is to promote good wholesome cooking using local produce where possible to entice as many customers as possible to experience and enjoy the Dales.



Banner image credit Yorkshire Post